Going Back to the Basics: Do More with Less

October, November and December are the most popular months for strategic planning.  Preparing for 2012, we are all looking for ways to tighten our belts and do more marketing with less of a budget.  Unfortunately, while balancing the budgets, marketing is always the first to be cut.  How do we do more marketing with less money?  The answer is simple.  Go back to the basics.  Focus on projecting a clear and consistent image for your firm from the inside-out.

A clear identity can make all the difference when marketing a professional services firm.  Consider using specially design templates for commonly used statement of qualification (SOQ) items including:

  • Firm profile
  • Resumes
  • Project information

As we are all aware SOQs are geared towards a client’s needs.  However, building a quality data base is proven to save time, and we all know- time is money.

Make the time for face-to-face meetings. Between social media, emails and blogs we rely too much on technology to make the connection for us.  While social media options are important, this industry is based on relationships.  In order to make a valuable connection you must be present to win.

Everyone is a marketer. Does every level of your staff know and live the selling points of your firm?  Clear expectations is the key in projecting your image from the inside-out.  Hold brown bag training sessions for employees and empower them with the tools they need to promote the firm.

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